Our Waiting List Priorities

1) Existing member of our group (i.e. Beaver moving up to cubs or Cub moving up to Scouts).

2) New member whose parent commits to being a leader.

3) New member with a sibling in the group.

4) Transfer in from outside the group (“Local” groups such as those in Shinfield, Woosehill, Reading, Bracknell, etc. do not count).

5) New member.

The number of places in our sections is governed by the number of leaders we have and by the number of young people we can keep safe in our meeting place.

We aim to prioritise places so that young people get a minimum of a year in a section (There’s not much point joining Cubs for just a few weeks).

We also need to ensure that a place offered now doesn’t cause us to go over numbers when people move up, so it’s not always as simple as the person who’s been on the waiting list longest getting the next place.


We do all do our best to give as many young people as we possibly can the chance to be a part of Scouting.