We use a system called OSM (Online Scout Manager) to keep track of our members, events, badges and programme.  When you join the group you will be invited to sign up:

Click here to go to OSM

Subscriptions are paid termly and are currently £35 for Beavers, £40 for Cubs and £45 for Scouts.

You will be asked via email to log into OSM to pay your subscription fees using the GoCardless system. The easiest way to use the system is to set up a direct debit. The system will email you in advance of taking any payment and you will have the opportunity to cancel it at any time. As an extra safety measure, when you move sections (Beavers to Cubs, for example), your direct debit will be automatically cancelled and you will be asked to set up a new one for the new section.

Events are also handled using the OSM and GoCardless system. When an event is planned, you will be asked if you want to join in and to make a payment if necessary. Payments are handled the same way as for subs, but are set up as a separate direct debit, so you will end up with two direct debits for each young person. It might seem a little clunky, but allows us to claim Gift Aid on subs payments which we can’t do for events payments.

If you have any queries about the OSM system or setting up payments please email the group administrator by clicking here.


This is to keep our administrative overhead down, and to make sure we can keep track of everyone’s payments. Sorry, but no exceptions. If there is a problem please contact either the group administrator (here) or the group treasurer (here).