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Please fill in the form below to join our waiting list, which is open to children aged 4 or older. We’re sorry but not everyone who joins the list will get a place as we don’t have room for everyone. We also fill places according to some priorities, set out here.

Owing to a shortage of volunteers, we are currently only offering places to young people who have a parent or carer willing to join our team of leaders to at least Assistant Leader level. This doesn’t mean committing to being there every week, but does mean getting a clear Disclosure/DBS check, completing some basic training (3 short mostly online modules), joining leaders’ meetings about once a term and being involved in sessions most weeks.

    In everyday language, this would mean completing a DBS check, then helping with sessions (not necessarily every week), completing about 2 hours of training (mostly online) and wearing the uniform (polo shirt and scarf).

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