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Please fill in the form below to join our waiting list, which is open to children aged 4 or older. We’re sorry but not everyone who joins the list will get a place as we don’t have room for everyone. We also fill places according to some priorities, set out here.

Owing to a shortage of volunteers, we are currently only offering places to young people who have a parent or carer willing to join our team of leaders to at least Assistant Leader level. This doesn’t mean committing to being there every week, but does mean getting a clear Disclosure/DBS check, completing some basic training (3 short mostly online modules), joining leaders’ meetings about once a term and being involved in sessions most weeks.

The contact form we ususally use to collect the information we need appears to have been removed from the webserver we use. While we sort that out, please email the information as set out below to

We need all of the below please. If you leave anything out it might be a while before we get back to you to chase for the missing bits…  Please don’t be offended if you get a short response and please don’t chase for an instant answer; we are all volunteers fitting this in around everything else we need to do! Thanks.

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